Walter Lemonface Rides Again

An unique interactive adventure for children aged 3-93
Live storytelling, live music, live animation and you!

Who's Walt?

Join the brave adventurer, fearless inventor, master of disguise and connoisseur of carrots, Walter Lemonface, as he hunts for rhubarb ogres, battles spooky ghosts and swims the ocean with pirate crabs.

The beauty lies in the moment

The Adventures of Walter Lemonface are created by you, and everything from the music and the story to the sound effects and the cartoon itself are created live in front of your eyes.

You can even chat with Walter too!

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See Walt in action

What we do is all about the moving image, the live music, the spoken word.

Walter is a flexible chap and pops up all over the place, from theatres, cinemas and schools to festivals, city centres, libraries and fields. So keep your eyes peeled for his distinctive lemony head.

Walter is…

Sometimes scary, often touching and always with a healthy sprinkling of silly, Walter relies upon his audience to tell him what to do, what disguises to wear, what contraptions to build and where his adventures should take him next.

Oh! And he has a head shaped a little bit like a lemon.

Why kids love Walt

Why should you go see Walt? Here are a few good reasons.


Walt likes to talk and ask questions. Your kids (and grown ups too!) will be able to steer the course of the adventure as it develops.


This is not a story to watch. It's a story to create. You will become part of the story, helping Walter, making sound effects and music and generally shouting and laughing a lot.

Always unique

No two shows are the same and we’ve seen it all; Nappy wearing monkeys and rainbow coloured llamas are just part of a normal day for Walter. This is what you get when you tap into Kids' imaginations and let them decide the story.

It lives on

The show ain't over till... well, that's up to you! We also offer workshops to extend the experience if that’s your kind of thing - improvising stories, music workshops and live animation on ipads.

Created with Passion

We have over 20 year experience of working with kids and creating shows. We're just the coolest.

The hoppy Hotdog

Ah, there's one more thing. Steve the Hotdog. You’ll see it when you see it.

Get in touch

You wanna book us? If you'Re not afraid of the Hoppy Hot Dog, ok. We did Warn you.

If you’re a venue, school or festival organiser interested in booking Walter here’s a little more info. We offer two types of setups:

Pop-up Walt

(animation tent for festivals, outdoors, public spaces)
  • Running time: 20 minutes
  • Number of shows per day: up to 3
  • Number of artists: 3

Big Walt

(for cinemas, theatres and studios)
  • Running time: 55 minutes
  • Number of shows per day: up to 2
  • Number of artists: 4

Contact Ben Rothera, Walter’s Creative Producer:

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